Creativity, innovation and team work is what drives these DroneMates


Creativity, innovation and team work drive these DroneMates. Whether its aerial film work or 3D mapping this groups brings its talents together to provide a completely customised experience to the clients. This group has evolved with the modern revolution in UAV technology and we sit proudly at the forefront of the technology and its applications.

UAV operations are what we do but at the end of the day we are providing unique services that completely differ from client to client.  This is not “Death Hawk Aerial” we are “DroneMate” – we will be there to help you with your projects just like any of your other Mates would – try it out – you’ll see!

DroneMate Agriculture

Drone Mate Agriculture is your UAV friend in the faming business.  We bring together UAV technical expertise, aerial surveying, mapping and data management capabilities with international experience and the world’s best hardware to create an affordable commercial UAV.