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UAV Industry Insight: DroneMate’s Predictions

How is the drone industry going to pan out? Who’ll be doing what in three years’ time? The only thing you know about a forecast is that it will be wrong; the interesting question is “how wrong?” This paper looks at the New Zealand drone industry from the perspective of a Part 102 operator closely …


DroneMate was published in the CAA’s Vector safety magazine

Last month an article by DroneMate was published in the CAA’s Vector safety magazine We won’t spoil the suspense by summarising the article, so read it!  Go on, you know you want to.Adding a bit to it, though: we reckon people still haven’t really understood what the drone revolution means.  Yeah sure, flying taxis, Amazon, Uber and all that are the …


Introducing Broadgreen Intermediate school students to the amazing world of drones

We recently got to spend some time with students at Broadgreen Intermediate school showing them some of the many applications UAVs are used for today. Have a look at the video below to see some of the highlights.


Drones For Business Seminar and Course

This event will give you the essential drone survey skills to add value to your business. Many organisations believe drones can improve their business. If you are involved in agriculture, infrastructure, construction, forestry or mining, drones probably can help you. But what can a drone actually do? And how do we actually do it? Sign …


Data drones a sign of the times

  By James Penn A farmer’s dog might not be his or her only companion for long, with drones set to become the “eye in the sky” on New Zealand farms over the coming years. Last year’s KPMG Agribusiness Agenda even hinted at a transformation in how drones are used to something entirely more sci-fi: …


DroneMate documents Puklowski’s southern circumnavigation

DroneMate documents Puklowski’s southern circumnavigation A Nelson man’s motorboat mission to help a mate is underway, propelled by some high-flying help from the community. The purpose of the trip was to raise money for David Puklowski ‘s friend Russell Blowers, who suffers from an inherited genetic condition, Linked Hypophosphatemic Rickets. On May 11, Blowers will undergo the first of three operations to correct nerve damage …


Cable Bay hosts Greg Johnson music video

By CARLY GOOCH Nelson’s Cable Bay and Kiwi musician Greg Johnson have joined forces to produce an idyllic music video filmed in the toughest of conditions. The music video for Johnson’s song, Never Turn Back, was a foreboding title. Filmed in murky weather and rough seas, the team faced some difficult weather to produce a video shot on …


DroneMate on Radio New Zealand

DroneMate on Radio New Zealand John speaks with Mike Hosking on the radio – listen to the interview here:     


DroneMate Reselling Sentera Solutions Throughout New Zealand

Sentera, LLC, a global provider of remote sensing hardware and data management solutions, signs a reseller agreement with DroneMate, premier agriculture and inspection drone and sensor distributor. The agreement gives New Zealand’s agriculture industry access to Sentera’s proven end-to-end normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) solutions including agriculture drones, precision sensors, and FieldAgent™ Software. Using Sentera’s crop health solutions, …