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Expertise and Experience: Drone Mate boasts a team of experienced drone pilots and mapping specialists who understand the intricacies of aerial surveying. Their expertise ensures that each project is executed professionally, meeting the specific requirements and standards of surveying organisations.


Our focus is always on understanding the client's needs, enabling us to provide customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our expert team of surveying professionals ensures that the outputs we produce are accurate and precise, providing you with the data you need in a format compatible with your software, such as ArcGIS and AutoCAD.

Surveying and Mapping

Drones are transforming the surveying and mapping industry by providing faster, safer, and more cost-effective methods for collecting geospatial data and supporting a wide range of applications across various sectors.

Surveying & Mapping Benefits:

  • Rapid data collection for large areas

  • Safer than traditional surveying methods in dangerous environments

  • Produce accurate contours/topography outputs

  • Cost-effective

  • Drones can be deployed quickly and easily

  • Seamless integration with Geographic Information Systems

  • Multispectral imaging


View our full suite of outputs:

Colour Cloud Point

The color point cloud uses RGB data from a raster for colorization. Each point of the point cloud receives the RGB value of the raster pixel that has the same location.

Classified Point Cloud

The point cloud is classified into 5 predefined groups: ground, road surface, high vegetation, building, and human-made objects. The results of the classification are used for the DTM generation.


2D image map geometrically corrected such that the scale is uniform. Color balanced to be visually pleasing.

Contour Lines

These are lines connecting points of equal elevation. They allow to better understand the shape of the land surface (the topography) on a map.

​Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

2.5 D model of the mapped area after filtering out objects such as buildings, that contain (X,Y,Z) information but no colour information.

Digital surface model (DSM)

2.5 D model of the mapped area that contains (X,Y,Z) information, but no color information.

3D textured mesh

A representation of the shape of the model that consists of vertices, edges, faces and the texture from the images that is projected on it.

Index Maps

Each index is associated to an index map. For each pixel on this map, the value of the pixel is derived from the associated reflectance maps.

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