Drone Surveying Course in Auckland

“It’s obvious drone surveys can save us money.
But how do we start?”

Drone surveying is growing fast in New Zealand because the modern drone is a brilliant surveying tool when used properly.  Many people and companies in infrastructure, construction, forestry and mining are using them and getting fantastic results- after a lot of trial and error.

Like any technology leap, it’s hard to get started.  This course will give you the essential drone survey skills to add value to your business from the start.  It will save you months of trial and error.

The course runs over two days, from midday Wednesday 14th November to midday Friday 16th November and is based at DJI Ferntech in Auckland.

Wednesday Afternoon:  training on survey types and the factors that influence a survey’s quality, leading to reviews of survey quality reports and desktop survey set up.

Thursday: after a short discussion on equipment and planning, the group will go into the field and fly several challenging and complex surveys, followed by a return to DJI Ferntech’s offices.  The surveys will be processed overnight.

Friday:  review of Thursday’s surveys, discussion of what went well and what didn’t, and discussion on the framework and processes for establishing a value-adding drone operation in an organisation.

After completing the course, attendees will:

  1. Understand the potential for drone technology in their organisation;
  2. Know how to “operationalise” drones in their organisation;
  3. Be able to set up a survey that is legal, safe and likely to be accurate;
  4. Be able to execute a competent and safe survey.


The course is very “hands on” and will appeal to individuals looking to develop drone surveying skills quickly and with low risk.  Because it is so hands-on, placed are strictly limited.

This course won’t teach you to fly a drone; we assume you already can.  Instead, we want to take your skills and knowledge to the next level where you can turn a UAV into an effective data gathering platform for your business.

Registration Details

The survey course costs $1500 plus GST, payable in advance.  Please contact DroneMate on sales@dronemate.co.nz to secure your place.

What to Bring

DroneMate and DJI Ferntech has several drones, ipads and laptops.  If you have an iphone or ipad, please download MapsMadeEasy Map Pilot and DroneDeploy and bring it along.  You may also find a laptop useful.

Course Location

96 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland, 1021