Training / Courses

We reckon most people massively underuse their drone.

We guarantee that, when you bought it, the sales person did not tell you everything you need to know.
That extra knowledge could be the difference between a short and unhappy drone experience and a long, happy and profitable one.
As we’ve found ourselves doing so much training for drone users and Sentera sensor owners, we now provide regular training.

We supply courses for small to larger groups on various drone-related things:

  • Basic drone operations: getting you and the drone flying safely.
  • Advanced drone skills: really understanding what your drone can do.
  • Surveying: how to fly a survey, from planning to execution and map creation.
  • Sentera sensors: how to use the sensors and the FieldAgent software to best effect
  • Farm drone: how to use a drone to get the maximum benefit for the farm.


Call us if you’d like to know more or have an idea for training or contact us below.