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DroneMate specialises in helping small to large companies obtain a CAA approved exposition as part of the process to obtain an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate (UAOC) for executing Part 102 operations.


Our in-house exposition writer has extensive experience in the aviation industry and understands the complexities of CAA regulatory compliance and risk mitigation practices.


We understand that taking on the task of developing your exposition can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and can take up to two years to receive approval. That's why we offer our very own UAOC to enable your organisation to fly Part 102 operations within weeks, while you wait for your UAOC approval.


Trust DroneMate to help you get off the ground quickly and safely.

Examples of
Part 102 Privileges'

  • Operations Over Property without Consent

  • Operations Above 400ft AGL

  • Operating Aircraft Above 25kg

  • Agri-Chemical Spraying

  • Extended Visual Line of Sight Operations

  • Un-shielded Night Flying

  • What is an exposition?
    An exposition is a detailed document that outlines an unmanned aircraft operator's procedures for managing and mitigating risks during drone operations. The exposition is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Part 102 certification in New Zealand and is submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for approval. It covers various areas, such as safety policies and procedures, risk assessments, pilot training, maintenance programs, and emergency procedures. The exposition is essentially a demonstration of an operator's commitment to safety and compliance with aviation regulations.
  • What is a UAOC?
    The UAOC is issued to a organisation or company, not the individual pilot. Individual pilots are required to complete training to a Part 102 level by gaining the RPAS Pilot Certificate. The UAOC and RPAS Pilot certificates are separate. One or more pilots may fly for the UAOC organisation. Likewise, it is common for a one person organisation flying for his / her own UAOC. The UAOC has the advantage that it may include exemptions from compliance with the Part 101 rules (think of Part 101 as the general rules for UAV flying), provided procedures covering that activity maintains safety acceptable to CAA. Other advantages of holding a UAOC is the ability to do commercial drone work for any organisation within New Zealand. Some organisations do not approve drone contractors that do not hold this level of certification. NZTA is good example of an organisation that will only work with companies holding a UAOC.
  • Can my organisation fly Part 102 operations under DroneMates UAOC?
    Yes, your organisation can fly Part 102 operations under DroneMate's UAOC (Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate). DroneMate has obtained approval for its full Part 102 Exposition from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and can enable other organisations to fly Part 102 operations under their UAOC while their own exposition is being developed and approved. Our Chief Remote Pilot can approve missions using our digital drone management and operation platform. This enables organisations to start flying Part 102 operations within weeks, without having to go through the lengthy and expensive process of developing their own exposition and obtaining their own UAOC.
  • What are the costs involved in writing an exposition?
    The cost of your exposition will vary based on the complexity of your drone operation. We recommend you contact DroneMate to give us an understanding of the flight exemptions you are proposing and number of pilots you have. This information will allow us to quickly provide you with a quote.
Accelerate Your Drone Program

Full Training and

Get Part 101 or 102 certified.

Our training programs cover everything from drone piloting to data processing, and we prioritize safety and compliance with industry regulations.

Tailored Custom

We understand that every client has unique needs and goals when it comes to their drone program. That's why we offer tailored custom solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.

Drone Operations Management

We manage the logistics of your drone program, including flight planning, compliance with regulations, and data management solutions.

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