DroneMate can help get you the shot that many aerial film companies can’t.


Being 102 certified allows us to fly in more environments, such as live events or above 400ft. 

DroneMate has contributed shots to feature films, short films, music videos and commercials in New Zealand along with filming for an Emmy award-winning American T.V. show. 


Whether you need an aerial filming crew for days or just that one amazing shot to add to your production we are here for you! We are based in the top of the South Island in New Zealand and know the area well so it’s a no-brainer to bring us in for aerials you need in this region. We are also happy to travel for bigger jobs or deploy one of the DroneMate associates we have scattered across the country to your film site. Have a look at some of our work below and please get in touch to see how we can help you.

DroneMate is thrilled to introduce our newest team member Macca Clark. 

Macca has stepped into the role of Creative Director for DroneMate Media and aims to extend the existing services that DroneMate provides its clients. DroneMate now has the resources to deliver stunning video footage with production solutions and editing capabilities. Everything from brand awareness videos, product explainers and live events.


Contact Macca today and make your videos stand out from the crowd! 

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