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Bruce Forestry and DroneMate:
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Forestry Mapping and Analysis


We’ve done a lot of work for forestry owners and managers - giving them up-to-date, accurate and usable information so they can make smarter decisions with their forest blocks. From tree count to windthrow assessment we can help you with your forestry surveying, mapping, and analysis.


The process is very easy

  • You can fly the block and send us the data to process and analyse

  • We can send our team to fly your block, process and analyse the data

  • We can train your team to do some or all of the work, (find out more about our drone training)


Some of the outputs and information we provide

  • Orthophotos

  • 3D Models - Point Cloud, Mesh

  • Surface Models

  • Contours

  • Tree count

  • Tree/Stand health maps for damage and disease

  • Windthrow areas

  • Boundaries

  • Cut over assessment

  • Images and video of isolated or hard to get to areas

  • Road or access checks

  • Storm damage checks – good for insurance claims

  • Pre and Post-harvest border survey for damage assessment to neighboring blocks


If you require us to collect the data from your blocks this presents no problem. We partnered and trained Bruce Forestry to capture the data for us. With over 25 years of forestry experience, Bruce Forestry will be able to understand and follow all of your site protocols. We currently cover all of New Zealand with most of these services so get in touch today to see how we can help you make better decisions in forestry management. 

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