Bruce Forestry and DroneMate:
forestry expertise with drone expertise

Forests are difficult places to navigate, understand the terrain and see what’s happening over the entire area.  And how do you make a plan for an area you don’t understand?

We’ve teamed up with Bruce Forestry, a leading South Island forestry consultancy who have been doing forestry measurement, quantification and silvicultural quality control for 25 years.  We’ve done a lot of work for forestry owners giving them up to date, accurate and usable information so they can make smart decisions on their forest blocks.

Bruce Forestry and DroneMate know drones are brilliant for forestry but let’s be clear: if you want to map 5,000ha of forest, a survey plane will be more cost effective per ha.  But if you have smaller wood lots or areas up to 200ha that need clear imagery, ortho rectified photos or even 3D imagery, that is up to date, a drone is an affordable option.   We are very cost effective for those smaller jobs.

Forests are a challenge for drones: staying in the rules, finding a good launch site to operate from, and then gathering good quality data on the land.  Not easy when it’s a tree covered, steep slope dropping over 1000ft.  All while staying safe and complying with CAA and Worksafe.

Using drones, we’ve helped clients with-

  • Up to date imagery of forested area;
  • Windthrow areas;
  • Boundaries;
  • Contours;
  • Cut over assessment;
  • Land prep;
  • Tree counts;
  • Tree/stand health;
  • Great views of isolated or hard to get to areas;
  • Road or access checks
  • Storm damage checks.

And we are very clever at creating 3D maps and ortho-rectified images, and then getting them into your system so you can use them quickly and easily.

If we can help, give us a call or fill in the form below.