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Operations Under DroneMate's 102

Are you looking to operate outside of the Part 101 rules?
With a broad range of Part 102 privileges - DroneMate has you covered.

What are the benefits of flying under DroneMate's Part 102 certificate?

With current wait times exceeding 18 months for newly submitted expositions to CAA to be approved, operating under Drone Mate's Part 102 allows you to commence and develop your own spray or survey operations immediately following pilot certification.


  • Regulatory compliance: Fly with the knowledge that your operations are in conjunction with the Part 102 rules and that any operations are following Civil Aviation Law. 

  • Drone maintenance is crucial for all drone operations. DroneMate has an automated system that notifies you when drone maintenance needs to be carried out, ensuring all maintenance is done regularly ensuring smooth operations.

  • No paperwork: We have a digitally approved exposition, which means you can plan your missions on the desktop, execute them using a mobile app, and finally sync all of your information into the cloud which creates a fully compliant and auditable set of records.

Part 102 Operations

This level of service is ideal for organisations that intend to operate under their own exposition once it's been approved by the CAA. We provide the opportunity to start operating under our Part 102 framework immediately until that time.

Part 102 Operations

This level of service is tailored for organisations that would prefer not to write their own exposition and/or maintain responsibility for their pilots, aircraft maintenance, and procedures and would wish to utilise DroneMate's constant oversight of their Part 102 operations.

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