There is a drone revolution sweeping through agriculture!

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is about observing, measuring, and responding to changes in crops to reduce costs, increase yield and increase your gross margin.

DroneMate offers training for the use of multispectral drones in farming but we’re also happy to perform precision agriculture surveys for you.

By using drones with multispectral sensors, we’re able to collect a large amount of information about your crops including:

  • Plant Stress

  • Weed mapping

  • Pest detection

  • Canopy coverage

  • Crop/stand count

  • Zone management

  • Pre and post-treatment analysis

  • Variable-rate prescription

  • Custom maps designed to identify issues important to you

  • And much more


There are a range of options for you to engage us in these services:

  • Tell us what you need and we do everything

  • Fly the surveys and outsource the data analysis

  • Do the data analysis and outsource the survey-flying

  • Do the surveying and analysis in a stepped learning way, building experience as you go

  • Do most things and outsource difficult jobs

  • Do everything and outsource compliance and regular quality reviews

  • Do everything and have a support service on call for when things go wrong

Our aim is to take the hassle and expense out of precision ag so whether you want to set up an in-house multispectral drone program or want us to do it all for you give us a call today to see how we can help.

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