Turnkey Solutions

Many organisations see that drones can lower cost, increase revenue and decrease risk for them.

Their next two questions are:

  • Is it cheaper to hire a drone company to do work for us or should we do it in-house?
  • If doing it in-house, how do we make it happen?

Firstly, we have lots of experience doing drone projects throughout NZ, have smart associates in many places and we can develop service packages for you to meet your needs.

But you may want to do some- or all- things in-house.

There is a range of options here, such as:

  • Fly the surveys and outsource the data analysis;
  • Do the data analysis and outsource the survey-flying;
  • Do the surveying and analysis in a stepped learning way, building experience as you go;
  • Do most things and outsource difficult jobs;
  • Do everything and outsource compliance and regular quality reviews;
  • Do everything and have a support service on call for when things go wrong.

Being an established service provider, Part102 certified and experienced managers, we know how to set up a drone function.  Whether it’s one person doing one specific task at one location or a team across the country doing various tasks, we’ll find the business model that works for you.

If in-house, the function needs to be part of the organisation which means answering these:

  • Does your organisation’s policies and procedures allow drone usage?
  • Do you understand the big picture legal framework and potential risks of drones to your reputation, safety system and finances?
  • Do you have a repeatable process or system that means you can do the task safely, efficiently and legally time after time? And
  • Are your guys trained and competent to use drones for what you what you want them to do?


Talk to us about our turnkey services.  From helping you understand what’s what through to training your guys to fly and analyse specific surveys, we can help you on the journey.