UAV Industry Insight: DroneMate’s Predictions

UAV Industry Insight:  DroneMate’s Predictions

How is the drone industry going to pan out?

Who’ll be doing what in three years’ time? The only thing you know about a forecast is that it will be wrong; the interesting question is “how wrong?” This paper looks at the New Zealand drone industry from the perspective of a Part 102 operator closely involved with commercial surveying. DroneMate is an established aerial surveying company, drone services and training company and a reseller of Sentera plant health sensors. The paper takes our experiences and condenses them into a short review of where the commercial market is now and where it might be in a few years time. While photography, video and other media work will carry on growing, we don’t see that as the main part of the future drone industry and so don’t dwell on it. The big future is data. Of course, DroneMate’s predictions will also be wrong but we hope not as wrong as others.

Here goes….