What does “Do It Yourself” mean with regard to drones?

You’re probably here because:

  1. You own a drone and want to do more with it; or
  2. You think a drone could do great things for your business.

 Let’s start with a bit of economics:

Drones are getting better, more affordable and more useful every month.  But guess what stays the same or gets worse over time?  Travel costs.  The cheaper and better drones become, the more travel cost- as a percentage- gets worse.

To get the best from a drone, you need to minimise travel costs and/or provide a unique service that is worth the extra cost.  This is our driving philosophy (except with reduced driving).

Firstly, we can train you to be really good at using drones.  From beginner training through to sophisticated survey patterns for quarries, we can upskill you to use the equipment well.  We can also set you up to use plant health sensors and to do agricultural surveys very cost-effectively.

Secondly, we can provide local services through our DroneMate associate network.  Our systems, know-how and quality assurance, and also near you.   Call us to discuss your needs.

Thirdly, if you are a bigger organisation or likely to be a frequent drone user, you may want to consider having drones “in-house”.  We can do that for you: see our Turnkey Services.