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Advanced Drone Analytics

Drone Mapping Solutions by Industry

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Hands in the Soil
Precision AG
Precision Agriculture

Drone mapping in agriculture is transforming traditional farming practices, empowering farmers to make data-driven decisions that enhance productivity and sustainability.

Precision Agriculture Benefits:

  • Crop health monitoring

  • Trial analysis (chemical, variety and treatment)

  • Irrigation management

  • Weed detection and management

  • Disease and pest detection

  • Livestock monitoring

  • Aerial mapping

Viticulture Services

We've partnered with Precision Data Technology to bring exclusive analytics and reporting services to the viticulture space.  By combining our aerial data with PDT's expertise, we've created Vitimate - a comprehensive suite of vineyard services.


Embed the power of Vitimate into your vineyard operations.

Vitimate Benefits:

  • Multispectral mapping for vine health

  • Highly accurate vine count

  • Vineyard block performance benchmarks

  • Trial analysis (chemical, variety and treatment)

  • Irrigation management

  • Highly accurate vine count

  • Globally accurate vineyard maps

  • GIS suite for data aggregation

  • Compare data season by season

Construction and Infrastructure

Drone mapping has changed how construction and infrastructure projects are managed in recent years. Swiftly and accurately surveying sites, monitoring progress, and tracking changes leads to greater efficiency and cost savings. With real-time data, project managers can make informed decisions, improve safety protocols, and allocate resources more effectively, resulting in successful project outcomes and continuous innovation in the industry.

Construction & Infastructure Benefits:

  • Site Planning and Design

  • Topographic Mapping

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Volume Measurements

  • Safety and Security

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Marketing and Communication

  • Cost Savings

Image by Catherine Heath

Drone mapping goes hand in hand with advanced forestry management by offering detailed aerial imagery for inventory and health monitoring. It aids in species identification, stand count and guiding sustainable harvesting and conservation efforts. With reduced manual surveying needs, it enhances worker safety in challenging terrain, promoting efficient and responsible forestry practices.

forestry block.PNG

Forestry Benefits:

  • Forest Health Monitoring

  • Carbon Credits

  • Tree Counting and Species Identification

  • Forest Inventory and Planning

  • Fire Detection and Prevention

  • Forest Regeneration Assessment

  • Mapping Forest Roads and Infrastructure

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Sector

Drone Mate is a trusted ally for organisations dedicated to environmental protection. With our specialized knowledge in drone technology, we provide expert guidance on advanced data acquisition techniques for enhanced monitoring capabilities.

Environmental Sector Benefits:

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Forestry Management

  • Wetland and Coastal Monitoring

  • Wildlife Conservation

  • Water Resource Management

  • Disaster Response and Management

  • Examining Solar Panels, Turbines, and Gas Pipes

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