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Online UAV Surveying Course

Using your drone as a professional survey tool is a fantastic way to generate revenue for your business. DroneMate is proud to give you access to years of industry experience. Highly condensed into invaluable, easy-to-follow modules that will streamline your journey to becoming a proficient and professional UAV surveyor.

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$499 (lifetime access)


6 Engaging Modules

Access nearly 2 hours of video content with accompanying quizzes to reinforce your comprehension.

Explore numerous real-world commercial dataset examples for thorough comparisons and explanations.


Private Drone Surveying Community

Gain exclusive access to our private online UAV surveying community.

Where you'll find on going support from the DroneMate team and other community members.


Lifetime Access

We provide unlimited access to our course video content, ensuring you can revisit it whenever necessary and you will automatically receive access to any future updates.


Valuable Information

Jonathan brings decades of RPAS flying experience and over 9 years of professional drone surveying. He's mapped countless surveys across industries and trained many organizations for in-house drone operations.

What's included?

Module 1 - Borders

Discover how to delineate survey boundaries with a focus on data precision and compliance with legal requirements. While numerous flight applications exist, the principles you'll learn are adaptable to any platform you prefer.

  • Purpose of flight borders

  • Introduction to border creation in different flight apps

  • Using DJI Pilot 2 to import or manually create a border

  • Accuracy at flight border demonstration

  • Key takeaways for creating a border

Module 2 - Flight Patterns

How do you select the appropriate flight pattern for the desired outputs you require? Johnathan will deep dive into each flight pattern and the discuss the benefits of using one over the other in different mapping environments. 

  • Exploration of flight patterns and their role in aerial survey planning. 

  • What environments require a single grid, double grid with oblique camera or linear/corridor flight pattern. 

  • Techniques for planning efficient flight paths while not breaking property laws. 

  • Consideration of higher camera angles when using different flight patterns. 

Module 3 - Height

Delve into essential considerations for selecting the optimal UAV altitude during your mapping missions. Learn how your chosen survey height influences the accuracy and quality of your resulting outputs.

  • Selecting appropriate flight heights based on survey requirements.

  • The correlation between ground sampling distance and survey accuracy.

  • Demonstration of how height affects resolution. 

  • Case studies illustrating how height choices can affect site time, dataset size and survey outputs. 

  • Why maintaining a consistent height above ground level is important.

  • Demonstration on how to use terrain aware feature in different flight apps.

  • How height has an impact on your overlap settings. 

Module 4 - Overlap

Discover the significance of overlap settings in UAV mapping missions. Learn how adjusting these settings impacts data quality, site and processing times, 3D model reconstruction, and overall mapping accuracy.

  • Examination of overlap settings in aerial surveying and its importance.

  • Adjusting overlap settings to adapt to various terrain to ensure quality outputs. Methods for determining optimal overlap percentages.

  • Practical applications and benefits of different overlap settings in surveys.

  • How to change overlap settings in various flight apps.

  • Introduction to key points in data processing. 

Module 5 - Speed and Camera Settings

Explore the critical relationship between drone speed and camera settings in aerial surveys. Uncover how adjusting these parameters affects image clarity, data collection efficiency, and overall mapping accuracy.

  • Exploration of the relationship between drone speed and camera settings.

  • Demonstration of various methods for choosing camera settings and speed of your drone. 

  • Techniques for optimizing camera settings to reduce motion blur.

  • How to access and correctly use shutter priority mode in DJI Pilot 2 and Map Pilot Pro.

  • Comparative analysis of image quality at various speeds and camera settings. 

Module 6 - GCP, RTK, Checkpoints 

Uncover the essential role of ground control points (GCPs), Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology, and checkpoints in UAV surveying. Learn how deploying GCPs and RTK enhances survey accuracy, and understand the importance of checkpoints in validating your data outputs.

  • What are GCPs, RTK and checkpoints

  • How to establish your GCPs

  • Methods for capturing GCP locations

  • GCP layout

  • Methods to receive RTK corrections 

  • RTK with GCPs 

  • Accuracy issues when not using GCPs or RTK

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Meet your course instructor

Jonathan is one of the most experienced drone pilots in the country having been working professionally with UAVs and mapping since 2014 and is highly regarded in the RPAS industry in New Zealand.  As well as being one of the first NZ RPAS certified Part 102 pilots, he is also a Flight Test examiner under Drone Trust, holds a Pix4D photogrammetry software certification and is the lead instructor for DroneMate's UAV surveying courses and any other drone training.

Get started with drone surveying today.

$499 (lifetime access)

Frequently Ask Questions

Have you got a question about our online UAV surveying course?
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I've never flown a drone before, is this course beginner friendly?

Yes - The beauty of this online UAV surveying course is the ability to re-watch the content as many times as needed until you understand it. Remember... you'll have lifetime access plus you can contact the DroneMate team for further questions through our online private community.

How do I join the DroneMate online private UAV surveying community?

Once you have completed the sign up process, you will unlock the private link to our discord server where we host our online UAV surveying community.

What drone and software is used in the course?

We primarily use DJI drones and Pix4d for our processing software as our examples. However, this course teaches the foundations of UAV surveying so you can apply the knowledge to any drone make or model. 


We're an organisation training multiple pilots, do you offer discounts?

Yes - Please reach out to us for custom pricing options if you wish to train multiple pilots within the same organisation. 

Need more convincing?

Check out this free sneak peak video from the course.

Get started with drone surveying today.

$499 (lifetime access)

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