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Aerial Surveys

Drone surveys offer many benefits compared to old technics beyond cost and time-saving. A single drone is able to survey a vast area keeping personnel out of harm's way and allowing a site to continue operating undisturbed.

Using our UAVs we are able to create GPS referenced point clouds, 3D meshes, DSM/Orthophotos, agricultural health surveys and more. Understanding the client’s needs allows us to produce the correct outputs to make the needed calculations. We are able to make calculations for the client and/or produce the surveys in file formats compatible with software being used by the client such as AutoCAD for in-house use.

Output Formats Include:

  • Point Cloud: LAS, LAZ, PLY, XYZ

  • 3D Textured Mesh: PLY, FBX, DXF, OBJ, Zipped OBJ, 3D PDF

  • Orthomosaic: GeoTIFF

  • Raster DSM: GeoTiFF

  • Grid DSM: XYZ, LAS, LAZ

  • Contour Lines: SHP, PDF, DXF

  • Reflectance Map: GeoTiff

  • Variable Rate Prescription Map: SHP

A few of our drone surveying projects

Point Cloud and 3D Mesh

Point Clouds and 3d Meshes are a great way to view and extract information from your site in 3D. These 3D outputs can be made to the level of accuracy you need and in the file format you require for software such as AutoCAD. Most sites can be modeled in a surprisingly short amount of time and are often far cheaper than using a manned aircraft.

Volumetric Surveys

UAVs are brilliant for volume calculations.  The UAV flies over the site, causing no disturbance to work and minimal risk. The data gathered from a 20-minute survey is usually more precise and “granular” than a surveyor spending a day climbing over stockpiles with the GPS unit.

We also create custom volumetric reports with extra information such as video/images to help you better manage site planning.

The data collection process is able to be planned for each site prior to the survey and at no time do we require shut down of any part of the site's operations.

GPS Reference Orthophotos 

When Google maps is just not enough resolution or the area you require is not up to date than this is for you. An Orthophoto is a collection of aerial photographs stitched together and geometrically corrected such that the scale is uniform: the resulting image has the same lack of distortion as a map. Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an Orthophotograph can be used to measure true distances, because it is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface, having been adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt.

Inspection Services

No need anymore to put you or your staff in harms way... From tight spaces to dangerous places we can get a UAV there. Our UAV’s are capable of flying into hazardous areas producing live video feed on site while recording Ultra HD quality video and images for later analysis.  Utilizing zoom lenses we are able to give you a close up view of hard to reach/dangerous areas, all from a safe and distant location.

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