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Spray Drone Training & Operations

Embrace the future of agricultural spraying with our dedicated services for spray drone operations.

Revolutionizing Industries

Experience the advantages of cost savings, increased efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced economic outcomes. Let us be your trusted partner in equipment consultancy, training, certification and operation implementation.

 Are you looking to maximize your spraying or spreading productivity? Whether you're a farmer seeking efficient pest and/or weed control and crop enhancement or an established spraying contractor or spreading company aiming to broaden your operational capabilities, spray drones are rapidly becoming an essential farming tool.


Spray drones revolutionize the way pesticides, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals are applied. Even in the face of extreme weather events, such as flooding that renders areas inaccessible by traditional vehicles, spray drones prove invaluable, providing organisations with unmatched access and flexibility for their spraying and spreading operations. Here are a just a few of the advantages spray drones have over traditional methods of application, including:

  • Increased efficiency: Drones can cover large areas of land quickly and accurately, without the need for a human operator to walk or drive through the fields. This can save a lot of time and effort, allowing farmers to get more done in less time

  • Reduced labour costs: Drones can help to reduce the amount of labour needed for tasks like herbicide and pesticide application. This can save farmers money on labour costs, as well as on the cost of the chemicals themselves

  • Improved precision and reduced environmental impact: Drones can be programmed to spray an even amount of liquid in all necessary sections or you can program variable spray rate applications, reducing the risk of overdosing or underdosing crops.  Utilising targeted spot spraying also provides reduced environmental impact through lower chemical usage and specific application.

  • Improved safety: Drones can help to improve safety for farmers and other workers by reducing the need to walk or drive through fields where pesticides or herbicides are being applied therefore preventing unnecessary exposure to chemicals. Drones also reduce the risks associated in accessing and working in difficult terrain. 

Inital Consultation
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

We begin by conducting an efficient and comprehensive consultation with your team. Understanding your specific requirements, goals, and operational needs allows us to tailor our services to your spraying/spreading operation. We take the time to listen and analyse, ensuring we provide the best solutions to match your objectives.

 The Road to Drones

Based on the insights gathered during the consultation, we develop a customized roadmap that outlines the necessary steps to establish your spray operations swiftly. This roadmap covers essential aspects such as equipment selection, training and certification, regulatory compliance, operational planning and more.


Training & Certification

Operation Implementation

To conduct spray operations or operate a drone that weighs over 25kg, your organisation must hold an Unmanned Aircraft Operators Certificate. This involves developing an exposition that details your standard operating procedures and how you manage risk. The exposition must be approved by the CAA before you can fly spray drone operations.  


The remote pilot must also hold a Part 102 certification and agricultural and pilot chemical ratings.  Experience, proficiency and competence are crucial for successful spray operations. Our comprehensive training and certification programs are tailored specifically for spray drone operators and our industry-leading instructors will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively operate your spray drones. From flight operations to spray techniques, we cover all essential aspects of spray drone operations. 

Operation Implementation

Operation Implentation

Training and Certification

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be complex and time-consuming.  DroneMate will onboard your organisation on to our exposition whilst we develop your own documentation for CAA approval. This guarantees that you can commence your spray operations within a few weeks from the start of your journey to obtain your organisational Part 102 certificate and our expertise and industry knowledge ensures a smooth and efficient approval process. Through our partner Precision Data Technology (PDT) we offer smart analytic solutions such as prescription weed spraying zones that you can implement into your workflows to streamline your spray operations. Contact us to see how we can help build custom solutions for you. 

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